Scale Your
Operational Capabilities

Streamline and cut down on document processing times, boost efficiency, and pave the way for expansion without being held back by cost.

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Data mapping

Our system intuitively understands your document’s structure, ensuring accurate data extraction every time.

Out of the Box
Document Support

Dive into briefli and be ready to process your documents within hours. Our platform supports a wide range of documents right out of the box.

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Packing lists

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Easily handle any
logistics document

Navigating through various document types; data fields in logistics can be overwhelming -- briefli makes it simple.

Document Type Classification
Confidently distinguish and organize specific warehouse documents like invoices and packing lists, enabling a more precise and streamlined data processing experience.
Query Customization
Empower users with the flexibility to tailor data searches to their unique operational needs.
Field Name Specification
Allows for personalized and precise data categorization, ensuring that every piece of information aligns seamlessly with the specific terminology and processes.
Extraction Customization
The innovatively adapts to various document layouts and data types, ensuring tailored and accurate information extraction.

Multiple Upload Options

Whether it’s through the platform, email, or image files (JPG/PNG), we’ve got you covered.

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Email-to-platform integrations

Simply forward your documents to our designated email address, and they will automatically appear in your briefli dashboard.

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Direct uploads

Have your documents ready on your device? Upload them directly through our user-friendly platform.

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Image file compatability

Our platform supports common image formats like JPG and PNG, ensuring ease of use no matter the source of your document.

Seamless workflow integration

Integrating briefli into your existing workflow is a breeze. We’ve built our platform to easily sync with your current systems, enhancing efficiency without the learning curve.


Frequently asked

Got questions? We've got answers. Our FAQ section addresses common queries, providing you with all the information you need about working with briefli.